Membership in the Friends of Music at Guilford

Individual Membership -- $30   
$45 for a Family of 2 or more
$20 for Limited income
Institutional Membership -- $60

 How You May Volunteer
Friends of Music at Guilford is a community arts organization. Except for our guest concerts - about one each year - our events involve people from the community volunteering in many ways.

Volunteer as a Performer
We are devoted to amateur music-making on a high level. Most of our performers have occupations outside of music, although some are music teachers, music therapists, or work in music stores. Actually, quite a few professionals perform with us, but, in general, they do so in an amateur capacity.
    Our chorus, the Guilford Chamber Singers, is often in search of a few new voices, particularly those belonging to men. In general, our chorus performs for the Christmas at Christ Church event and for the season finale, A Cappella  la Carte. Contact the office at (802) 254-3600 or by email at for info.
    Our other principal opportunity for new musicians during the year is as a member of our Labor Day Weekend Festival Orchestra. We usually perform string orchestra works and works for classical-size orchestra. We can always welcome new string players, of any ability. Occasionally, we also need a new wind player, too.
    And, don't forget, if you're a choral singer, there's always at least one annual occasion on which you can simply show up and sing: At our annual Messiah Sing, listed in the Calendar.
    No matter what your instrument or vocal disposition, please be in touch with us so we can know who you are. Pianists, organists, string and wind players, vocal soloists, choristers are all of interest to us. Composers, music directors, costumers, and so forth are also welcome to Contact us.

Volunteer as a Helper
We rely on volunteers for non-musical tasks, of course. Volunteers make cookies for some of our concerts; they help direct traffic at our Labor Day Weekend Festival; they serve on committees, move chairs, and move them back again. Up to fifteen volunteers at any given time also serve on our Board of Trustees, elected at the Annual Membership Meeting, by and from the Membership. We also have filled up to three non-voting Junior Trustee positions for high-school students interested in becoming familiar with the inner workings of a nonprofit musical organization. You may note the date of the Annual Meeting in our Calendar. nmailto:office@fomag.orgshapeimage_3_link_0