Sunday, July 17, 2016
Welcome to the Friends of Music at Guilford, a community music organization which offers a year-round season of concerts and other activities in Southern Vermont. 
Friends of Music at Guilford began on Labor Day Weekend, 1966, with an organ recital in a rural barn. We open every season with a return to this rural farmstead for our two-day Festival. 蠔    Two principles have guided Friends of Music since 1966. First is our dedication to the tradition of amateur performance - music performed for the love of it. Skilled amateurs and volunteer professionals serve as our musicians. Second, we have kept our performances largely admission-free, with donations welcome, as a service to the community and to free ourselves from the artistic pressures of the box office. 

We also have a special mission: to present works which would otherwise go unperformed. In addition to programming repertoire from past centuries, we have given special attention to music of our own time and place. We have premiered over 350 works by New England composers, ranging from chamber pieces and songs to choral and orchestral music. We are particularly proud to have premiered nearly 30 musical theater works: chamber operas, dance pieces, two full-length operas and a musical comedy. 

Stage Music Project
We are able to present our events at low cost to the audience because we are supported by over hundreds of member households which make an annual donation and receive our regular newsletter. We invite you to attend the programs listed in the CALENDAR, and, if you'd like to participate further, see the MEMBERSHIP page. We welcome volunteer staff at events, and singers and musicians who would like to perform.蠔    Friends of Music has a commitment to making its programs accessible to all. Please call us with any accessibility questions. n
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